Readiwipes® Wet Skin Cleansing Wipes have been specially developed for the cleansing of all areas of the body. They are extremely effective skin cleansers which loosen, lift and lock contamination into the wipe material. They are unique because most wet wipes use a low cost and relatively ineffective fluid, whilst these wipes have a highly developed and high specification lotion using premium quality ingredients.

These include the herbal extracts of Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Lavender plus Panthenol and Betaine for conditioning the skin and additional moisturisers. The known positive benefits of these ingredients coupled with the results of extensive user trials have confirmed that they calm, soothe, condition and moisturise the skin.

They are suitable for all over body cleansing including intimate area and after toilet personal cleansing. The gentle but effective pH balanced lotion means that the wipes are suitable for all skin types and ages, from babies to the elderly. They are tested and confirmed to be hypoallergenic and are alcohol and lanolin free. They are sting free, rinse free and non-greasy in-use. The carefully balanced fluid content ensures that they are wet enough to cleanse but don’t leave the skin too wet - there is no need to dry the skin after use.

We recognise that wipes should smell good, so we have included a high quality and mild, IFRA compliant fragrance and this leaves the cleansed skin with just a hint of this lovely scent.

Readiwipes® Wet products are packed in flow wrap packaging. This compact and convenient pack type uses the minimum amount of packaging material possible.