Underlays-Overlays-Crash Mats

Underlays-Overlays-Crash Mats

Our range of crash mattresses provide an additional safety feature where they may be a risk of falls, Whilst our mattress toppers or overlays provide additional comfort and pressure relief leading to a better nights sleep.

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Crash Mattress (Budget)

Foam Foldable Fall Mat, Can be used with all bed types, Non slip wipeable cover 

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High Density Foam Fall Mat

The High Density Foam Fall Mats provide additional safety to those in bed with no side rails.

Buy 3 or more for £59 each

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'Crash Mattress (Basic)'

The Basic Crash Mattress,manufactured using a premium grade foam formed into three fold out sections with a wipeable cover.


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Folding Fall Mat

The Harvest Folding Fall Mat offers the same level of safety as the standard fall mat, with additional advantages.

Buy 2 or more for £79 each

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'Crash Mattress Premium'

The Premium Crash Mat has a removable washable cover and folds for easy storage


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''Thin Underlay Mattress''

The Thin Underlay Mattress, designed to support a dynamic overlay mattress system


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Harvest 50 mm White Foam Underlay Mattress

Built for use underneath an active overlay system, the underlay provides comfort and pressure relief to the user in the event of a power failure.

Buy 3 or more for £60 each

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Harvest Modular Foam Overlay Mattress

The Modular Foam Overlay is an inexpensive, one piece mattress, designed for use on top of an existing system.

Buy 2 or more for £145.00 each

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Single Modular Foam Overlay

Anti-pressure modular foam overlay with wipe clean vapour permeable cover, fully tested, (test results available).


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''Softrest Single Overlay''

The Softrest Pad is a non-turning, low to medium risk overlay mattress, manufactured with a castellated foam to aid profiling



''Softrest Double Overlay''

The Softrest Pad Double is a non-turning, low to medium risk overlay mattress