Foam Mattresses

Foam Mattresses

Mattresses for use on profiling beds should be designed to contour with the bed. For anyone who has limited mobility and spends a great deal of time in bed, a compatible pressure relief mattress should be chosen.

A low maintenance approach to pressure care comes in the form of mattresses and overlays made from high tech foam. The foam maintains a low temperature (which is important as raised skin temperature is another indicator for development of pressure sores), and distributes weight evenly across the supported surface. There is often a cut surface, to improve conformity too the user's contours, and airflow, which again helps with preventing heat build-up.

Visco memory foam, (our VE mattresses) that gently mould to the shape of the user, may also be used, and many of these mattresses are made up of two or more layers of different materials, each of which contributes its own qualities.

Our mattresses are graded in terms of risk and maximum user weight eg a high risk mattress should be chosen when there is a high risk of a person with, or at risk of developing a pressure sore.

You should always seek advice from a healthcare professional when choosing a mattress where there is a risk of the user developing pressure sores

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The MAT10 is an entry level support surface intended for those at risk of developing pressure ulcers.


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The Harvest Community Static Mattress is a cost effective, comfort mattress for use on Harvest profiling beds

Buy 2 or more for £118.00 each


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The Harvest Community Plus Static Mattress is a medium risk mattress for use on Harvest profiling beds

Prices From £177.00

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The Softrest is a four way turning, medium risk foam support mattress.



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The Softrest Contour is a turning, medium to high risk mattress, manufactured with a castellated foam and available with a stitched or welded cover



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The Prime Comfort Static Mattress is a fully profiling system, suitable for those at a high risk of developing pressure sores.


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The Reflect 2 Static Mattress is a suitable option for patients in need of prevention and treatment for pressure sores.

Prices From £279.00

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The Harvest Prime Comfort Plus Static Mattress is a high risk mattress for use on Harvest profiling beds


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The Softrest VE is a medium to high risk mattress with a Visco Elastic (Memory Foam)  Top Layer and is available with a stitched or welded cover



The Acclaim Profiler is a non-turning mattress manufactured using castellated foam and is for use with medium to high risk patients, It is available with either a stitched or welded seam cover


Prices From £265.00

The Acclaim VE is a non-turning, high-risk support mattress, manufactured using castellated visco elastic (Memory)  foam and is for use with high risk patients.


Prices From £325.00

The Viscoflex Static Mattress is a one piece viscoelastic foam mattress, which moulds to the shape of the patients body.


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The Viscoflex Mattress with Multibearing Surface, is an excellent pressure relieving mattress providing comfort, stability and protection.


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The Viscoflex Evolutive Static Mattress is our more enhanced mattress in the Viscoflex range.


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The Kinetic Air static mattress is a replacement mattress system, combining air displacement technologies with the benefits of a static foam mattress.


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Built for use underneath an active overlay system, the underlay provides comfort and pressure relief to the user in the event of a power failure.

Buy 3 or more for £60 each


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The Modular Foam Overlay is an inexpensive, one piece mattress, designed for use on top of an existing system.

Buy 2 or more for £145.00 each


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The Static Mattress Length Extensions have been designed for use with the Harvest Static Mattress range.

Ideal for use with existing mattresses, the piece will add a further 200mm and close any gaps between the mattress and bed frame.

Prices From £54.00

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Short Mattress Extension for use in conjunction with a bed extension



The Sidhil Acclaim VE Mattress Extension is specifically for use with the Sidhil Acclaim VE Foam Mattress and allows the length of the mattress to be extended