Fixed Height Couches

Fixed Height Couches

Fixed height couches suitable for general examination in Clinics, GP Surgery's, Workplace and School first aid rooms

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The Alberti Rest Couch has been designed for first aid rooms, schools, sports centres or similar environments where a lower resting height position is required at only 50cm in height.



The Low Doherty Rest Couch is suitable for First Aid, Physiotherapy and Patient Consultations.


Prices From £338.00

Available in three upholstery colours, 


The Enfield Couch is a practical and affordable option, (Only available with Black upholstered top shown).


The Doherty Bookman Fixed Height Couch has a strong and stable couch frame construction with a fixed height of 76cm (30 inches)



The Doherty Winchester is an exceptionally robust, sturdy couch with a modern look and feel at a competitive price.



The Doherty Purley Couch has a multi position backrest and is available in 11 upholstery shades



The Clarendon Couch frame is constructed from solid beech wood and is perfect for those looking for a premium look and feel from the Doherty range of couches.



The Clarendon Couch with Two Drawers is useful where extra storage is needed.



This attractively designed double step has a white finish with black treads


This attractively designed step has a white finish with black treads.


The Doherty adjustable Leg/Arm Rest is suitable for phlebotomy use.