Devilbiss Blue-Standard Plus CPAP Machine








Capable of detecting a wide variety of patient events, the DeVilbiss Blue StandardPlus, a fixed pressure CPAP, is equipped with SmartFlex expiratory relief and Flow Rounding® features.

The DeVilbiss Blue Machine maintains the set fixed pressure throughout the night, whilst allowing the patient the optimum level of comfort for a good nights sleep. By improving the machines sensitivity to respiratory episodes, the Blue Series records a more detailed and accurate account throughout the night. Allowing the machine to collate the information to be able to identify a simple obstructive Apnoea, from a complex event, such as Central Apnoea and mixed disease.

The added feactures, such as Smart Flex and Flow Rounding, along with introductions of the new humidifier system using PulseDose technoloy, allows the Blue Series to improve the quality of the patients sleep. The DeVilbiss Blue series objective is to meet the requirements of the patients, and healthcare professionals. This machine has bluetooth and wireless technology to allow remote analysis of the data, and access to change the settings, if require

  • SmartCode Rx for remote prescription changes and SmartCode compliance encoding
  • Includes SlimFit 15 mm tubing and equipped with MaskFit check
  • Easy-to-follow menu, adjustable display brightness and optional clock and alarm clock settings
  • Airline transport approved


Brand: Drive Devilbiss

Name: Devilbiss Blue-Standard Plus CPAP Machine

Condition: New

Product ID: DV63E-UK

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