Harvest Ultimate Lift Pole

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Compatible with the exclusive Harvest Woburn Ultimate 1200 Bariatric Bed or the Harvest Woburn Ultimate 1400 Bariatric Bed  this Ultimate Lifting Pole assists the user to sit upright in bed. 

By holding onto the handle, which is supplied with the lifting pole, the patient is able to adjust themselves as required, with little or no aid from a carer.

Should extra support be needed, we also supply Bed Transfer Aids, which fit to the bed frame.

Lifting poles for the Ultimate beds are available in both 1200mm and 1400mm.



HLDU582: Ultimate 1200 Lifting Pole

HLDU582.14: Ultimate 1400 Lifting Pole

HLB680: Handle only for pole

SWL: 80kg

Weight: 11.9kg

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