Turn Easy Fitted Sheets

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The action of turning in bed can sometimes be difficult but with the help of this new FITTED SHEET with a centre panel of low friction satin, things are different. Getting in and out of bed is also easier.

The sides and foot end are made of good quality material to help you from slipping off the edge of the bed and give a certain amount of grip to aid movement.

For the less able, there is an optional draw sheet. It has a satin underside and remains in place for the patient to lie on. The two low friction surfaces working together enable a CARER to turn/roll or move the patient up or down the bed. This is accomplished without handling them, thereby facilitating anti-pressure practice where regular turning is required, the long (2 metre) draw sheet can be firmly tucked in ready for the next move.

It has been found that because the system is permanently in place there is no searching for a slide sheet, or worse, doing without altogether.Using these sheets is as compliant with tissue viability requirements as it is with moving and handling procedure. Both products are made in the UK and are fully hot washable.They are found to be very useful, not only in hospitals and nursing homes, but also in domestic situations.The ease of turning takes the strain off the carer?s back.


Name: Turn Easy Fitted Sheets

Condition: New

Product ID: (SingleTES-FSC), ( Double TES-FSCD)

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